Grand Bethel 0319.jpg

Elected officers

Grand Bethel Honored Queen

Sophie Foster, PHQ Bethel #36

grand bethel senior princess

Paige Thomas- PHQ Bethel #35, PGBHQ

grand bethel junior princess

Emily Candler, PHQ Bethel #36, PGBHQ

grand bethel guide

Caroline Woodring, PHQ Bethel #16

grand bethel marshal

Jackie Sin, PHQ Bethel #36

Appointed Officers

Secretary - Ashley Griffin, PHQ Bethel #41, PGBHQ

Treasurer - Britney Belinski, PHQ Bethel #35, PGBHQ

Chaplain - Aimee Bright, PHQ Bethel # 4

Librarian - Sharon Dill, PHQ Bethel #35

Musician - Elizabeth Harsenje, PHQ Bethel #41

1st Messenger -   Lena Porter, PHQ #62

2nd Messenger - Kaitlyn Mertz, PHQ #22, PGBHQ

3rd Messenger - Maggie Woodring, PHQ #16

4th Messenger - Courtney Spangler, PHQ #55

5th Messenger - Natalie Geurnsey, PHQ #


GB Rep to Pennsylvania - Mara Leone

GB Rep to Virginia - Vanessa DelosReyes

GB Rep to Oregon - Haley Elliott

GB Rep to Illinois - Grace Leone

GB Rep to Nevada - Summer Neblett

GB Reps to be Installed in October: Jasmine Griffin, Lilly O'Neill


Grand Bethel Guardian: Holly Spangler
Grand Bethel Associate Guardian: Tom Leone