About The Grand Bethel of DelMar


DelMar’s Grand Bethel is quite unique. We are one of the few working Grand Bethels in the Jobie World. Our flower is the calla lily, which, to quote the Welcome Ceremony, “grows tall, stately, and beautiful in its spotless purity.” The Grand Bethel’s colors are light blue – representing fidelity – and white – representing purity.

Our elected and appointed officers are the same as regular Bethels, except inner and outer guard. All Grand Bethel Meetings are open, so no one needs to guard the doors. In addition to serving as elected and appointed Officers, a member can serve as a Representative to any Jurisdiction in the US or Canada, or to the entire countries of Australia, the Philippines, or Brazil.

DelMar’s Grand Bethel has two terms a year, from March to September and from September to March. Our Grand Bethel Semi-Annual Sessions are held on Saturdays in March and September where we have a Business Meeting and an Installation. The first meeting of the day is the Business Meeting. Regular business is conducted and the election of Officers is held. However, GB Officers are elected six months ahead of time. In other words, if in March a member is elected as GB Junior Princess, she will be installed as such in September. It is done this way because Installation is in the evening, directly following the Business Meeting. GB meetings are held every month. They are all informal meetings with the exception of the Business Meeting at Semi-Annual Session and a Special Meeting held once a term in January and June. These Special Meetings are much like the Official Visitations that regular Bethels have. All members of the GB are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible.

The Grand Bethel of DelMar has a five-person Executive Committee consisting of: the GBHQ, GBSP, GBJP, GB Guide and GB Marshal. The Grand Bethel of DelMar also has a two-person council consisting of a Grand Bethel Guardian and Grand Bethel Associate Guardian. The Executive Committee votes on absences and other important business. The GB Secretary, GB Treasurer, GB Marshal-elect, GB Guardian, GB Associate Guardian, and those invited by the GBHQ may also attend the Executive Committee meetings, but not as voting members.

The Grand Bethel is open to all members of the DelMar Jurisdiction. It is a fun opportunity to meet girls from across the Jurisdiction, help and substitute in other bethels, and serve as a fitting example for the Daughters to emulate.